Sprott's 22 Vintage Nibs

Sprott's 22 Vintage Nibs

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"Having tested this pen I was quite blown away by its abilities!  For a ball pointed tip, the pen is capable of fine lines worthy of a fine point flexible pen. The pen is also remarkably flexible! In conclusion I could easily write ornamental copperplate scripts with extreme ease and wasn’t at all worried I would catch on the paper. As a continued joy, I was elated to learn that I could draw with equal effortlessness and it formulated lines of exquisite balance. So I stand by Sprott’s quality craftsmanship! However, I am not all that surprised. England was the home of the dip pen and their craftsman had to be brought to the USA in order for our country to properly and successfully manufacture pens."-- Review by Brandon McKinney of White Apple Multimedia 

Price per piece: 140 Php



Half-Dozen : 540 Php

SAVE 300 Php!


One Dozen: 1,020 Php

SAVE 660 Php!


**New old stock. This means that there may be instances that there is some corrosion or rust on certain parts of the nib. We do our best to apply quality control and only send you the best products. We do not send out nibs that have even the smallest corrosion on the tip (tines) and nib body (the one that gets dipped in the ink). However, the foot of the nib may sometimes have dots of rust, but this will not affect the performance of the nib whatsoever. 


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