ZIG Art & Graphic Twin (Set of 6)

ZIG Art & Graphic Twin (Set of 6)

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This dual-sided marker has a 0.8mm fine tip for fine detailed work and a highly saturated flexible rubber brush tip for larger applications. Art & Graphic Twin is a water-based dye and is most suitable for paper.

Because of Art & Graphic Twins water-based dye formula, mixing and blending of colors is an ease. Use the colorless blender for detail work or for adding texture. Pair with BrusH2o for a more saturation to achieve a watercolor effect. 

Two sets are available:

  • All Seasons, Set of 6 — This set includes Pale Yellow Light, Carmine, Pale Green, Dawn Gray, Baby Blue, and Apricot

  • Vivid, Set of 6 — This set includes Orange, Lemon Yellow, Dull Blue, Brown, Mustard, and Emerald Green. 



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