ZIG Bimoji

ZIG Bimoji

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Traditional Japanese brushes with a modern twist; Bimoji brush pens are a water-based pigment ink, lightfast, permanent, and water/alcohol proof when dry. Plastic bodies were designed to resemble lightweight bamboo brushes, featuring rubber grips for comfort. Available in four felt tip sizes and a nylon bristle brush tip.

Bimoji Extra Fine

Hard tip for fine line and detailed work. Produces 0.18mm to 1mm lines.

Bimoji Fine

Hard tip for fine lines yet with more pressure applied, the tip flexes for a broad line. Produces 0.25mm to 1.5mm lines.

Bimoji Medium

Firm brush tip for fine line and detailed work. Ideal for heavy broad lines and medium coverage. Produces 0.25mm to 3mm lines.

Bimoji Large

Flexible brush tip with good elasticity yet firm enough to allow thin to thick lines with ease. Ideal for covering large areas. Produces 0.35mm to 7mm lines.

Bimoji Medium Polyester Bristle BRUSH

Individual fiber brush tip, was designed to be used slowly to create smooth black strokes, if used rapidly it will create a dry-brush effect. Brush tip is soft yet elastic enough for creating fine strokes to broad strokes. Produces 0.35mm to 10mm lines.

Today Bimoji brush pens are being used in all types of art forms, from Manga and graphic illustrations to lettering design. Because Bimoji brush pens are waterproof and smudge proof, the use of the pens in watercolor and mixed media is growing rapidly.

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