ZIG Calligraphy - Dual Tip

ZIG Calligraphy - Dual Tip

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ZIG Calligraphy pens are featured in the ZIG Memory System line with a total of 48 colors. ZIG Calligraphy pens are a water-based pigment, dual tip with a narrow (2mm) and a broad (5mm) tip. They are permanent, lightfast, acid-free, and even photo safe; making them most suitable for paper. 

ZIG Calligraphy pens are perfect for beginners learning all forms of calligraphy. The ZIG Calligraphy square tips are ideal for both right and left handed users. Not only are the ZIG Calligraphy pens great for calligraphy but also perfect or creating unique border designs for scrapbooking and card making. 

Blending Tips:

Taking two ZIG Calligraphy pens, for a few seconds gently touch nib-to-nib. Keep the two pens horizontal and ink will flow from the top pen onto the tip of the second pen. After using the blended pen, clean excess ink off onto a piece of scrap paper or towel.

Store horizontally. 

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